Growing Stakeholder Value

Our economy has many stakeholders - society, environment, commerce.
Governments have a responsibility to ensure all stakeholders are served fairly.
They have to grow value for all stakeholders.
Books on our Dysfunctional Economy
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Our economy is supposed to serve the needs of the majority, but it doesn't.
It serves the needs of a small minority - the wealthy one per cent.
Our economy is dysfunctional.
I research and write about the problems and their solutions, in a way everybody can understand. This is important because it's only through the democratic process that change will take place. For this reason, everybody needs to have a basic understanding of these problems and their solutions. People need to be made aware of the extent to which our economy is manipulated by the wealthy one per cent. How the economy works against  and not for us. We need to stand up, as a united voice, and demand governments implement change to reverse the economic injustice imposed upon the majority.

I`m not anti-capitalists - far from it. I support free enterprise and believe it's critically important that businesses make long-term profits, but not using current methods and practices. We need a more balanced approach where the wider interests of society and environment are considered, not those of business owners exclusively. It's critically important we implement a balanced approach, as current practices are, in every respect, unsustainable.
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Our economy has many stakeholders.
The government has a responsibility to grow value for all stakeholders.
It has a duty to ensure we have a balanced economy.
Growing Stakeholder Value
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